The Hanseatic® 5StarBed® is a service of Hanseatic Bedding Products, Inc. (HBP), the United States branch of the RIBECO Group Company (RBC). RBC was founded by Richard Behr in 1917 in Hamburg, Germany. RBC is the largest in Europe, and worldwide one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of bedding products and linens in both the retail and hospitality industry. RBC is still 100% family owned and is in its fourth generation. RBC has been present in the United States since 1970 and works in the Americas through HBP. The main driver of HBP is the Vice President of Operations Nicole Pulaski, she herself is second generation after her father Walter Heise ran the business here since its beginnings in 1970.
HBP today is truly the first global bedding products manufacturer, with a workforce of approximately 500 employees at the following locations: Kaltenkirchen (Hamburg, Germany), Hingham (Norwich, England), Hefei (Anhui Provice, China), Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA), Sterling (Virginia, USA), Americana (Nova Odessa, Brazil), Cape Town (Western Cape, South Africa). But much more than a manufacturer, HBP has become a partner of the global hospitality industry, having supplied to more than 1000 hotels in over 70 countries. We have the most innovative portfolio of services to support and attract our existing and new partners: 3Dbox, Smart Housekeeping Engine SHE, and H Life Upgraded. HBP wants to be the most innovative and avant-garde company in this niche industry for its customers, employees, and vendors by innovating its products, services, work, life (and sleep !) balance.
- - - is provided through this website, H LIFE UPGRADED. We have partnered with our hotel clients all around the world. Together we give you perfect beds and perfect sleep wherever you go: at home and in hotels. When you buy and book directly through H, the manufacturer and partner hotel, we give you about half of the value back with Gift Certificates which can be used for future upgrades. We believe that this unique combination of two entities, the manufacturer and the hotels, will provide a great value in a totally new way.
RBC & HBP have summarized the best elements of our 100 year history in what we call our 100% paradigm. These are the fundamental principles of 100 years of experience underlying the Hanseatic® 5StarBed®: - 100% guaranteed - only here - 100% trust - through recommendations and based on TRYNBUY - 100% value - at factory internet direct prices - 100% fair - produced at the highest social standards around the world - 100% eco - compatible with nature - 100% healthy - all hypo-allergenic materials
Hanseatic Bedding Products, Inc. and the RIBECO Group of Companies are environmental leaders. We were the first to introduce water recycling and biodegradable detergents in the late 1980's. We continue to invest into green and energy saving technologies such as triple energy saving windows. HBP is the first bedding manufacturer in the world to introduce energy efficient lighting throughout its facilities. Our products are relying 100% on natural and sustainable resources: 100% natural cotton, 100% natural down and feather, and 100% recycled poly fibers - you cannot get any more sustainable than our products. This sustainability is reflected through diverse awards and certifications: - We are the only manufacturer to receive a "very good" test result and win the first ever "Oekotest" on down comforters ever carried out - All our products are Oeko-tex certified, tested through third party institutions, to verify that our products do not emit any harmful substances. Natural and sustainable products are simply - clean and healthy - All natural fillings are Daunasan and Daunafresh certified, which reflects green and sustainable treatment through production processes. - Investments into green and sustainable technology have helped us to stay globally competitive: Water recycling units are a significant investment which keeps our cost low.
HBP reaches the highest in social standards ALL over the world. It is imperative to us that our green investment is not carried out at the expense of human rights and at the social standards of our employees and partners. We have therefore joined the Business Social Compliance Initiative and all our facilities and sites are independently audited to meet a fair code of conduct. A more stable and committed workforce drives our quality, sustainability, and production to improve our environment and to improve our worker's environment.
Hanseatic® 5StarBed®: SAVE YOU are the best expert when it comes to judging our products and performance which is why we VALUE your opinion and give you Gift Certificates for rating and commenting on our products.
Hanseatic® 5StarBed®: CONSIDER EACH CHOICE AND SUSTAIN We know there is a choice out there. We want to learn from you and use that knowledge to provide the best option for each choice you make. We constantly challenge ourselves to think again and consider the possibilities for creating a lasting change. From small to big, the choices are all around us. We realize that when every choice is a considered one, they all add up to something bigger. For Hanseatic 5StarBed this means innovative ways to create products and services by engaging with like-minded partners and customers and acting as responsible members of the global community.
Hanseatic® 5StarBed®: CARE AND SHARE Hanseatic® 5StarBed® is more than a bedding manufacturing company. We strive to be a company with a conscience by making a positive difference as we give back to the greater community and care for the environment which we all share and depend on. We also believe in the power of a brand to inspire others to create a positive change in the world we live in. Hence, you will receive Gift Certificates for any “like” of our products on facebook.
Hanseatic® 5StarBed®: SINCE 1917 As a certified social business we produce 100% ecologic and sustainable high end bedding products that are probably unique in the world. As a textile manufacturer on the industrial scale in Europe, we produce more competitively than Asian manufacturers. We believe that the luxury segment is in a unique position to provide a shining example of sustainable and fair behavior.
All our actions thus comply with audited ecological and social etiquette. We are now the fourth generation of this family business, since our foundation in 1917, committed to fulfilling our mission: "save - sustain - share".
HBP has a workforce of approximately 500 employees at the following locations: Kaltenkirchen (Hamburg, Germany), Hingham (Norwich, England), Hefei (Anhui Provice, China), Grand Rapids (Michigan, USA), Sterling (Virginia, USA), Americana (Nova Odessa, Brazil), Cape Town (Western Cape, South Africa). The Hanseatic® 5StarBed® has been hand crafted for nearly 100 years - in fact, every product is hand crafted approximately 20 times through its various stages of prototyping and testing until we are satisfied in meet the most demanding requirements of consumers around the world. It will always remain this way. By introducing the newest technologies for mechanical reproduction, energy efficiency, and water recycling we create the perfect symbiosis for our still hand crafted and hand finished product which is hand quality checked at every single step along our production processes.


Neutral, third party testing and certification are an essential part of the 5StarBed quality promise. While the real quality of 5StarBed products is based on HOW we craft each individual product, it is also important WHAT is being done. You can rely on having the ecologically most advanced, socially 100 percent fair, and highest quality hygienic product in the world. 5StarBed is audited and tested against the toughest standards:
- Sanitized certification for anti-bacterial and anti-odor effect; - Oekotex certification against harmful substances; - NOMITE certification for hypo-allergenic treatment of fillings; - Daunasan / Downafresh certification for green treatment of natural fillings in production - Business Social Compliance Initiative for fair treatment of workers around the world.

Hanseatic® 5StarBed® uses its years of experience in production of products for industrial hotel use, to provide you with the best and durable highest quality product. This is reflected in many product features, many of which are not visible to the user. Below is a small set of examples, how the Hanseatic® 5StarBed® gives you the best value over time. All fabrics for quilted products are delivered pre-shrunk. Thus, even in most demanding wash scenarios, the Hanseatic® 5StarBed® maintains 99% size stability. All edges are standard sewn with double stitching for a robust finish and again, excellent life-time product quality.


During the production of sewn-through comforters, the needle punches holes into the fabric. While the hole is filled with the thread to start with, wear and tear opens the hole and filling material can permeate through the holes. 5 Star Bed is thus applying a seam sealing tape, which closes the holes and thus maintains its down proof characteristics over the whole product life. No-shift-construction ensures that all filling materials remain in their original chamber and do not shift. You will enjoy proportional warmth throughout the product life. The sister company of 5 Star Bed is a Sustainability-Pioneer who has been: Water-Recycling since the 1980's, using bio-degradable washing detergents, and producing usage-materials since the 1990's. They were the first bedding manufacturer in the world to equip its production facilities systematically and completely with energy-saving lights.


Our products are bulky and use a lot of space. We have thus always had a focus on saving space, weight, packaging, and transportation resources: Economic solutions here are the SAME as ecologically sound solutions. We prefer ships and trains to trucks. We use recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes. We aim to minimize our energy and carbon footprint at all times. We do so with awareness for the industrial scale and the real impact of all our actions.


We are serious about numbers and analyzing data. Only when you measure what is happening, you have a chance to understand fundamental trends and draw the relevant conclusions. This is how we develop our new services for you. This is how we became the first industrial manufacturer to install a laboratory - now EDFA approved. There is no other manufacturer in our niche industry that does more testing - and there is not a single shipment, that we receive or send out, that goes untested or undocumented. We love numbers - they are the basis for all our upgrades.