How it works

Sleep is your last and most important refuge - this is how you spend a third of your life.
At the same time, this is also when you are most vulnerable. Buying a bed is a matter of trust that can be a life-altering decision.
We invented H LIFE UPGRADED for you to find out, and trust, what is best for you. Here is how H LIFE UPGRADED works.

Contact us for an individual consulting session in our sleep laboratory.
Or try our products in one of the more than 1000 luxury hotels around the world we supply.
We give you Gift Certificates in the value of your hotel stay.

You deserve nothing less than the world's best products:
- Godi® products are filled with this ultimately luxurious material, resulting from the perfect symbiosis between human and nature.
- Hanseatic® 5StarBed® products re-create Godi® products with traditional materials, at a more accessible price point.
- All of these luxurious, ecologically sustainable, and socially sound products you can now try, before you buy, right here with our H Life Upgraded service.

For every full $50 you spend trying our products - in our sleep labs or in one of our more than 1000 high end hotels that we serve in over 70 countries - we give you a Gift Certificate in the same value.
Use your Gift Certificates to pay for up to 25% of your Hanseatic® 5StarBed® luxury bedding products, and indulge yourself at home.
Or use Gift Certificates, up to $100 worth per night, on an upgrade in any UPGRADE-HOTEL on your next stay.
Simply sign in, and we will automatically award Gift Certificates.
We will automatically apply existing Gift Certificates in your account to your current purchase as well !
For each full $50 you spend on H Life Upgraded, you will receive one $50 Gift Certificate.
For each full $50 you book here on nights in any TRYNBUY or UPGRADE-HOTEL you will receive $50 worth of Gift Certificates.

Need more Gift Certificates?
- $50 Gift Certificate: Rate and review one of our products or hotels
- $50 Gift Certificate: For every $50 Gift Certificate you share with a friend or family member by using our free invite!
- $50 Gift Certificate: For each night you book here in any non-partner hotel
You purchase products directly from us, the manufacturer. We give you great prices - 25% below recommended retail prices - by eliminating the middleman. We serve the best global brands in the hotel business, all around the world. Here is what Marriott International, Inc. - which includes brands such as Ritz-Carlton, JW, Marriott, Autograph, Edition, Courtyard, Marriott Executive Apartments - had to say when awarding us with the BEST GLOBAL VENDOR OF THE YEAR AWARD 2014:

"The award as Global vendor goes this year to a vendor who has worked with our hotels in many places over the world; Most recently adding services in South America to help Marriott Procurement establish an effective supply chain for new openings. This family owned company has been led by various generations and is currently under management of a very young and dynamic team with an innovative approach to our Global business . Their humor, down to earth attitude, always available and seeing no barriers, are the key points of their success. They have great expertise in their product due to their retail background and are able to pass this on to Marriott for product development. All of this have led to the fact that our guests have a very comfortable and pleasant night at our hotels. This company is a role model when it comes to global sourcing, something they initiated long before anyone else in the industry and before most even knew what global sourcing was. Their long standing business relationships with China, the USA, Germany, Brazil, and South Africa has put them into a position to provide best in class products. Please join me in congratulating Hanse as winner of the 2014 Global Award."